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For Sale   2017-04-06  
Wheel weight lead for sale.
88 lbs smelted into blocks ready to cast.
71 lbs sorted lead wheel weights.
300? Lbs unsorted wheel weights. $60 scrap value. Make an offer.
Pick up in Burks Falls.


For Sale  2017-01-29


EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW & Complete Hunters Package

(Non-Smoker, all equipment barely used, delivery may be possible)

(all pkg.s sold only as complete groups, save on price and tax)


Bow Pkg. $1150 (value $1425+tax), includes:

-Excalibur Vortex Bow-330FPS w-Sling

-Excalibur Scope, mount and rings

-Camo scope cover

-Quiver & Bracket

-Cocking Aid and Stringing Aid

-6 Bolts, 4 w-field points and 2 w-Slick Trick Razor Heads

-2 Extra Strings and string Wax

-Padded Excalibur 'T' Bag w-Quiver & Accessory Storage

-Yellow Jacket Target Bag


OPTIONAL Bushnell Laser Range Finder $325 (value $384+Tax), includes:

-Bushnell Camo Legend 1200 plus ARC

-ARC feture gives dynamic onscreen scope sighting adjustment

of +-90 deg.shooting angles compensating for arrow drop.

-2 spare batteries (very expensive little buggers)


OPTIONAL Gear Pkg.$165 (value $220+tax), includes:

-All Camo Jacket, Pants, Boots, Shooters mits, Face Mask and Duffel

-Variety of Scent removal chemistry


OPTIONAL Tree Stand Pkg.$225 (value $275), includes:

-Single person Folding Tree Stand

-Removable Seat & Backrest Cushions

-Locking Straps

-Hoisting Pullies & Ropes

-10 Assent Rungs


OPTIONAL Camo Turkey Stand Vest $140 (value $195+tax) includes:

-Quaker Boy Vest-a-Blind, w-Oak Leaf covered camo netting,

built in back rest & cushioned seat,

camo fabric face camouflage and thin camo gloves

-Scratch slate call w-scratch stick and Owl and Crow calls

-Figure 4 type Spring Wire Arrow Head for Turkey Hunting

 Paul -  norbillylad(at)gmail.com 


For Sale  2017-01-29

Cz p01 shadow right side safety shaved.


Excellent shooter

300 ŕounds as new .

Contact Chris at   -  chris075.cw(at)gmail.com

For Sale 2015-08-04

RCBS Smith & Wesson 460 Dies with optional Taper Crimp Die in Dillon 550 Tool Head

$60 dies, $25 tool head,$15 Taper Crimp Die

RCBS 454 Casull Dies with optional Taper Crimp Die in DIllon 550 Tool Head $60 Dies, $25 tool head, $15 Taper Crimp Die

DILLON 45 LC Dies (includes Dillon Taper Crimp Die) in Dillon 550 Tool Head $70 Dies, $25 tool head

Dillon 45 LC Conversion Kit $60 also have Optional Dillon 460 S&W Powder funnel $35 because of the optional 460 powder funnel is very rare and was in a very limited production run (there are no more of these at the moment).

96 Loaded 45 LC shells $35

55 Loaded 460 S&W Shells $60

100 NEW 45 LC Brass $25

100 Brass 454 Casull / 50 NEW, 50 once fired

$50 Note, Dillon 45 LC Conversion Kit with the optional 460 powder funnel services all three calibers, 45LC, 454 Casull and 460 S&W. If you have a Dillon 550 and a 460XVR, 460V or 454 Casull, everything you need is right here. (I sold my 460XVR and no longer require these die sets. 

Take all the above and make an offer. (PAL required for ammo only...)

 I am a member of ELGC and can meet in person in either Mississauga, Richmond Hill or anywhere on the way to Sundrige on Hwy 11 or at the club on the weekends


For Sale   2012-12-27

ATI Strikeforce Tactical Foregrip

Bought for Remington 870 but has adapters for other Manufacturers

3- 2" Picitinny Rails. Bottom rail has sling post on rail.

$30 obo

Contact Terry  mtflynn(at)bell.net